Some facts on Frieslandvakanties.nl

General information:

Frieslandvakanties.nl arranges rental of holiday homes and boats in Friesland, both on the internet (www.frieslandvakanties.nl) and in the office in Heeg.

Between 1995 and 2003, the tourist office ("VVV") Zuidwest Friesland acted as agent for boat owners, assisting in the last-minute rentals by professional boat owners in the area of Wymbritseradiel (south-west Friesland). Since 1996, VVV Zuidwest Friesland also arranged for the rental of private holiday accommodations in south-west Friesland.

Thanks to an enormous growth, the booking activities of the VVV Zuidwest Friesland were taken over by a separate organisation in 2003: Frieslandvakanties.nl

The goal of Frieslandvakanties.nl is to arrange the rental of holiday homes and boats in Friesland by means of internet bookings or personal contact in the office in Heeg.

With the website: www.frieslandvakanties.nl (about 120,000 visitors a year) and the personal approach of its competent staff, Frieslandvakanties.nl has managed to grow even more, to a total turnover of € 850,000 in 2013.

Frieslandvakanties.nl stands for:

Clear information:

The accommodations and boats offered on the website are described in great detail and illustrated with photos and pictograms. Available boats and holiday homes are checked regularly to assure that descriptions are correct. Many holiday homes are graded by the ANWB (Algemene Nederlandsche Wielrijders-Bond = Dutch Tourism Association).

Transparent prices:

Rental prices, deposits and additional costs are clearly defined on the reservation confirmation. You will also see on the confirmation how the charges are divided between Frieslandvakanties.nl and the owner of the rental object.

You are our guest:

You are our guest in Friesland. The staff of Frieslandvakanties.nl would like to be your host in this beautiful province, abundant with hundreds of lakes. You can always ask us when you have any questions or comments on our water sports area or the boats and accommodations.

Handling of complaints:

Frieslandvakanties.nl does not only take care of the reservations of boats and accommodations. We deal with your complaints through our own arbitration committee.

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