Conditions and reservation procedures by boats

General information:

The Frieslandvakanties.nl reservation service is available throughout the year for reservations of different types of boats with or without skipper. Frieslandvakanties.nl acts as agent for 50 boat owners in south-west Friesland.

Confirmation procedure:

After the client has found a suitable boat on Frieslandvakanties.nl, Frieslandvakanties.nl will send (by fax or e-mail) a written confirmation of the booking to both the client and the boat owner. The client signs and faxes the Frieslandvakanties.nl confirmation to the boat owner within two days (48 hours). The boat owner then sends the client the rental agreement within two days (48 hours). This agreement also needs to be signed and returned to the owner as quickly as possible, concluding the rental.

If the client does not send the confirmation to the owner, the verbal agreement between client and Frieslandvakanties.nl stands and the payment obligation remains in force.


The Frieslandvakanties.nl last-minute boat reservation service conditions are applicable from the moment that there is a verbal agreement between Frieslandvakanties.nl and the client. As soon as the rental agreement between the owner and the client has been signed, this rental agreement enters into force.


The total rental price (inclusive of extras, booking costs and deposit) has to be paid to the owner before arrival, provided that no other arrangement has been agreed to by either Frieslandvakanties.nl or the owner.


If case of cancellations, the client needs the contact the owner directly. The following cancellation fees apply.

for cancellations until 42 days before arrival: 30% of the total rental fees
for cancellations until 28 days before arrival: 60% of the total rental fees
for cancellations until 14 days before arrival: 90% of the total rental fees
for cancellations within 14 days of arrival or "no-show": 100% of the total rental fees

Total rental fees include rental price of the boat, equipment and Frieslandvakanties.nl booking fees.

Debt collection and ensuing costs:

Unpaid invoices, which result from verbal or written rental agreements through Frieslandvakanties.nl, will, and which are not settled even after a second reminder, will given to a debt collection agency for collection.

All extra costs resulting from such collection procedure will have to be paid by the debtor.

Additional questions:

The client may contact the boat owner directly for any practical questions (e.g. the boat's equipment) and/or amendments in the rental agreement (e.g. changes in arrival time).


Frieslandvakanties.nl cannot be held liable for any damages suffered.

The owner of the boat is responsible for the quality of the rented boat, as per the information given through the website and/or by the staff of Frieslandvakanties.nl. Any deviation from prices and/or descriptions is not the responsibility of the reservation agency, i.e. Frieslandvakanties.nl.

Risk fund:

All rental prices quoted are inclusive of a fixed contribution to the risk fund. In case of disputes, disbursement will only take place after a decision by an arbitration committee.


In case of conflict regarding the reservation through Frieslandvakanties.nl, the client can contact the arbitration committee in writing at the following address:

t.a.v. Geschillencommissie
Postbus 17
8620 AA HEEG

Decisions by the arbitration committee are legally binding. Appeal on the decision of the committee is not possible.

These conditions are deposited with the Chamber of Commerce in Leeuwarden, number 3164.

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